Retirees - We are thankful for their support & dedication!

Mrs. Chandra Kanta Puri
Mrs. K Puri an authority on Geography was a war horse in all the subjects she taught. She a very soft spoken person with a big heart served Holy Angels from 1994-2002. She had a soft corner for every student she taught. We wish her a happy and pleasant retired life. (By: C.J Joy)
Mrs. Usha Mohan
Mrs. Usha Mohan the head of he department of biology opted for voluntary retirement in 2002 owing to ill health. considered as the best bilogy teacher in Sahibabad, students loved her for the deep subject mastery and motherly attitude towards the students.Mrs Usha Mohan continues to be remembered by the Holy Angels community. ( By Mr. C.J Joy)
Mrs.Radha Mathur (1982-2005)
Mrs. Radha Mathur is one of the few teachers who had struggled with the school in its initial years of its existence. A motherly figure to the student, she taught them the first lettters of their mother tongue. Dedicated and affectionate she continue to linger in the minds and hearts of the students. Through her indefatigable enthusiasm she has left foot prints on the sands of Holy Angels. She served Holy Angels from 1982-2005. Dear madam the institution proudly remembers you. Wish you a very happy retired life. (By Mr. C. J Joy)
Kamlesh Chibber (1982-2005)
A teacher needs to be enthusiastic about his or her work for only then can a teacher give the best. A woman with vitality that could be found in few others, Mrs. Chibber was full of energy and enthusiasm both in the class and in the field. Besides, her enthusiasm was infectious and easily communicated to her pupils. Proper planning, organization, adequate preparation and a sense of commitment and dedication was her way of doing things. Monotony, boredom, disinterest and lethargy were words not found in her dictionary. She was a teacher committed to the cause of teaching. Through her caring love and concern for her students she tried to inculcate in them moral values of courtesy, kindness, punctuality, discipline and obedience. With sense of dedication she strove hard for precision and accuracy. Her vigour, vivaciousness infused spirit and liveliness in any activity that she undertook. Her commanding and inspiring stature instiled respect and admiration and awe in her students.
Meena Kapoor (1977 - 2005)
Can anyone who has been fortunate enough to have a good teacher, deny that one of the most cherishing and charmng human relationships is between the teacher and the taught? Most of us would perhaps agree with the above statement. And the students who have been taught by Madam Kapoor more so. The foundation stone of Holy Angels, she was the senior most and the first teacher to be appointed on the staff of Holy Angels. Teaching Hindi to the middle classes, she believed that the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. She well equipped the students with intellect, confidence, values and identity. She encouraged every child to build his/her self-confidence and self-esteem. She recognized and appreciated their strivings and achievements, evern if they were not very spectacular. Sensitive to the needs of her students, she handled each one with loving care. She was the kind of teacher whom the students could freely interact with without fear of being put down. Commi
Mrs. Baljeet Kaur Chabbra (1983-2005)
Known for her great sense of humour and sharp wit, Madam Chabbra who taught Hindi and Sicial Studies to the middle classes, was immensely loved by all her students. A fun teacher, who read moods, fatigue and boredom levels, she used material and methods to break monotony and boredom. She was able to motivate her students by using creative and inspirational methods of teaching. She identified the variety of talents that different students possessed and gave them support for whatever potential they had. The heavy work that teaching demanded and entailed - large classes, piles upon piles of books to be corrected, lessons to be prepared, reference work to be done and co-curricular activities to attend to, were always performed by her with a charming smile on her face. Courtsy and graciousness in her dealings with the management, fellow staff, students and their parents, earned her the respect and admiration for all. With determination, maturity and a sense of committment, she believed that
Mrs. Finch an authority on Biology served the institution for a period of twenty five years. She retired on 15th May 2008. Her subject mastery, love for children and gentle dealing made her dear to everyone. Holy Angels will miss her. We wish her a happy and contented retired life.
Sr. Teresa joined Holy Angels in 1998 as a teacher.Two years later she was appointed as the Vice Principal. She served the institution for a decade and retired on 15th May 2008. Her love for children, organizational skills etc. will be remembered by everyone. After her retirement now she is placed at Ajmeer in Rajasthan. We wish her a cheerful and fruitful retired life.
Mrs. Vrinda Suresh
Mrs. Vrinda Suresh joined Holy Angels in 1997 as a Science teacher. Her pleasing personality, gentle dealing, generosity of heart, wealth of knowledge, communication skills, subject mastery, hard work coupled with genuine love for children, loyalty to the institution etc. made her so special, popular and unique in every way. Her contribution was never limited to the subjects she taught. Well talented and trained in classical dance and music her presence was a guiding and motivating factor behind every cultural event organized in the school. She left the school on 31st March 2009 owing to the sudden transfer of the family to her home town in Kerala. Her absence will never be filled. The school will always remain indebted to her for her most outstanding and selfless contribution to this prestigious and sacred temple of learning . Dear Vrinda, you will always be remembered by the students, parents, staff and management as a person who put her whole heart and soul into everything you did
As a young man Mr. Mark Rawat joined Holy Angels in 1980 as a peon. Due to his generosity of heart and loving nature he was so lovingly called Mark Uncle by everyone. His devotion to duty, love for chidren and loyalty to the institution made him so special and unique. On 16th May 2009 Holy Angels School gave a tearful farewell to him. He served the institution for a long period of 30 years. May God bless him with sound health of mind and body. We wish him a happy retired life.
Mrs Mohini Mathur (1979 - 2004)
A dedicated teacher who committed herself for the school and its students.She worked with steadfastly,with devotion and integrity.He has been an inspiration for all the students.She has shown that duty is to be placed before self.
Mrs.Jharna Bose
Mrs Jharna Bose joined the School in 1988 as a primary teacher. Her motherly concern for all gained the heart of many students. Her dedication was praiseworthy.As a role model for all teachers she did her best for the school and the students. As a maths teacher she was called lovingly as 'Chanakya' of the school. Now, she is retiring from the school as a precious person, and completes her 25th year in the school. We wish her everything best and God's blessings on her and wish you a happy retired life.
Mrs Rita Sharma (1981-2015)
She has been an elderly figure, not only for the students but also for the teachers. Having served the school for over three decades, Mrs. Rita has shown to all that she is an epitome of perseverance and hardwork. Reeta mam, we wish you a very happy retired life hereafter.
Mrs. Irene Murray (1989-2015)
When a child enters our school for the first time, the first loving face that he or she probably sees is that of Mrs. Irene. Her soft spoken nature was her stark quality which has sometimes baffled even her colleagues. The way she handled little children is remarkable. She is the beauty beyond compare- the one with the entire motherly compassion and care who teaches one the first lessons of humanity that is love and brotherhood. Irene madam shall always be remembered by our school.
Mr. C. J. Joy
Every single person who has ever met Joy Sir knows that he is one of a kind personality. His enthusiasm and grace makes people get confused over his age. He has been one of the best orators ever, holding high positions in the school for about two decades. He has been the greatest source of inspiration for all, especially for those students whom he has taught. His strict yet loving nature has made every student and teacher respect and honor him from the bottom of their hearts. Joy Sir, your departure will surely create a big void in our hearts and souls. We will miss your smile each day. Thank you very much for the sacrifices that you have done for the sake of this school. We owe you a lot.
Mrs. Ida Joy
Ida madam has been the greatest support system for the students in her time. She could teach her subject as easily as eating peanuts. Practice was her watch word. Each student in her class would know their lessons by heart, that was the kind of magic that she created in her classrooms. If there has been any person who has changed the hearts of young children beautifully, she should none the less be Ida madam. Thank you Madam, may God bless you with all the health and happiness in the days to come.
Mrs. Mary Jayabalan(1985-2015)
Perhaps one of the most dedicated teachers in the Holy angels community, Mary madam has served our school for about 30 years including many in which she has taken not even a single leave. Her punctuality and dedication towards the school makes her the ideal librarian. Managing a library with over four thousand volumes of books in there is not an easy task but Mary madam did it all. Her departure will leave us with a huge loss, loss of a lady with dedication at her core.
Mrs. Gracykutty Raju
Whenever a child suffers from pain the first person who would come to his or her aid would none the less be Gracy Madam. She has always come to help those in pain be it during school days or when there happens to be some extra-curricular activity. Without any assistance Gracy madam has cared for the needs of the children all these years. Now that she is leaving, it would take immense work to find someone worthy enough to take her place in this school. Thank you Gracy Madam for being there, always.
Mr. Marcel Horo
It takes immense strength to be the one behind the curtains, to be the one who does not get enough recognition for the great things that one does through ones little services. Marcel uncle was such a man. Having served our school as a part of the non-teaching staff this humble man taught us a lot through his simplicity. He can be rightfully called the humble hearted yet genial human being. Thanks a lot Marcel uncle for being with us all this while.
Mrs. Vidya
True to the essence of her name, Vidya aunty was totally an embodiment of knowledge. The students of kindergarten have got the wonderful opportunity to be with graceful people like her. Her soulful nature always brought a smile on the face of little children whenever they felt wanted. She was like a second mother to them.
Mrs. Usha Sharma
As the meaning of her name suggests, Usha madam was as bright and cheerful as the sun. She could find weak students in her class and help them grow in confidence and self respect. Her personality could impress the young and old alike. Her smile could pence the soul of each lonely heart. She could make the miserable laugh at their problems and the good ones excel in the skill. She was the true potter.
Mrs. Tressy Samuel
Seldom seen speaking, Tressy madam was different in her approach towards her profession. For her, action was important than words. Working as the computer lab assistant, Tressy madam was an expert in her profession. Finding out a mistake in her work was a tough task, for she was always dedicated to her work. Her silence showed the finesse of her work. Tressy madam, we all shall remember those scores of lessons that you taught through your silence.
Mrs. Kusum Kapoor
Mrs. Kusum Kapoor spread the knowledge of Hindi & Sanskrit over a span of 25 years which started from 1985 to 2010. Her depth of knowledge in language of Hindi & especially in Sanskrit made her very popular amongst students. Her punctuality and disciplined life was remarkable. Her gregarious personality was liked by all her staff members. We all follow her discipline and wish her all the best for her future.
Mrs. Latha Eapen
Lata Mam served the Holy Angels’ School for 29 years from 1 July 1988 to 18 March 2017. Her guidance and encouragement have helped the students to lead a successful life. She was a dedicated teacher who committed herself for the school and students. It has been a joy to work with someone so calm and professional at the same time. While your lovely presence will be missed in the school but the great work you did here ensures that you will not be forgotten anytime. We the teachers of Holy Angels’ sincerely hope that the retirement is wonderful and we wish you lots of joyous time with your family and friends. Thank you for your dedication and sincerity.
Mrs. Leela Rajan
Mrs. Leela was very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of the school. She has worked 25 years in our esteemed institution. She always handles children with motherly touch. She was very passionate about her profession. She has a good command on her subject. She always gives extra care and concern to those students who all are weak in their studies. She is a soft spoken lady. She is god fearing lady. She will be always in our hearts. May god give her strength and happiness.
Mrs. Nita Paul
Mrs. Agnes David
Mrs. Agnes mam served the esteemed institution of Holy Angels’ for 22 years. She is very generous, knowledgeable, responsible and highly respected teacher. She was always tolerant and eager to help. She was famous for her strictness and discipline. She made English easy for the students. Throughout her stay in the school, she was an exceptional teacher. She did her best for the school and the students. On behalf of the Holy Angelias, we wish you good luck and all the best for the rest of your life. Happy retirement
Mrs. Reena Kholi
Mrs. Reena Kohli joined H.A.S in October 1994. She was history teacher for high school classes. She was history teacher for high school classes. She also taught English to class 8th to 10th. She was always fascinated with the subject she taught, which made history a little less boring. She was very good at anchoring the school events which got her much appreciation from guests. She would go above and beyond to get students to dive into participating in school events. She was equal parts of talent and insightful. She left school in May 2017 due to health issues. Holy Angels will miss a teacher like her.
Mrs. Anu Raju
Mrs. Anu Raju was known for her affectionate nature among the students. Her teachings will forever be treasured and can never be measured. Her way of teaching computer helped students to shine. It was a blessing for all of us to work with you for the past few years. Her 23 years of encouragement and dedication was morale boost for her colleagues. Your absence will never be filled. We the Holy Angelians wish you “All the Best in future.” Thank you for your dedication and sincerity
Mrs. Luxmi Bhori Lal
As the wheels of time rotate, people meet and move on. Some are forgotten, few are always remembered. As a person, Laxmi Aunty was the bustle of corridors in Holy Angels’ Sr. Sec. School. She had dedicated her whole life in serving others. As an auxiliary staff member, she always performed her duty with sincerity. She is a person with wonderful heart. She used to cherish everyone with her sack full of blessings. Her suggestions as an elderly woman were really remarkable and usually fruitful.
Mrs. Shanti
Parting is always emotional and much more when it is a beloved person who was a part in our daily life over a few decades. She was an adaptable, affectionate, amiable, compassionate, courteous and exuberant lady. She was a diligent and persistent lady, who considered work as her first priority. Some memories will always cherish in our minds and we will always miss that ever smiling face greeting us every morning and that void will always remain in our hearts.
Baby Yesudas
Baby teacher served Holy Angels' School for more than 30 years. She was dedicated and hard-working teacher. She is disciplined and used to keep the children in full discipline. She is one of the favourite teachers of her students. We can name her one of the most dedicated teachers of her time. She retired from school in 2010. We all wish her happy long and healthy life.
Mrs. Vinati Munshi
Mrs. Vinati Munshi joined Holy Angels’ School in July 2002 as class teacher of class 7th .During her journey of sixteen years in this institution , in her initial years she taught many subjects such as English , EVS, Science , and maths in class 4th to 7th . In her later years she was teaching English language only . She was quite active in extra curricular activities also . She worked very sincerely and diligently and she was one of the much liked teacher by the students and other staff members .She was always ready to guide and help her new colleagues. In the year 2018 due to her personal commitments she had to end her teaching journey with the institution. But the institution will always miss a dedicated teacher like her.
Mrs. Shibani Mitra
“Teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges.” Lives of many students were changed by the effective teaching of one of our great teachers Mrs. Shibani Mitra. She joined Holy Angles School in the year 1995. Her positive attitude , expertise in her subject, hardwork and commitment influenced students. Not only in academics, she guided students also in extra curricular activites . The best part of her teaching style was she used new methods for effective teaching. We will alwalys cherish her 23 years of service in Holy Angles School.
Mrs. Sunita Nijhawan
She served as Science Teacher in our prestigious school for 23 years from July 1995 to 2018 . During all these years , she proved herself to be a good teacher due to her dedication ,sincerity, sympathetic and loving nature. Due to her communication skill, she could solve the problems easily. She was like a lighthouse for the students as she always guided students in right direction owing to her spiritual nature.
Mr. Laxman Swarup
Mrs. Sarita Chadha
"Learning from a good teacher is an experience that can sometimes be more profound than education itself. Great teachers are a blessing and a veritable boon. Naturally, when they leave their vocation behind, they leave unforgettable impressions on the minds as well as hearts of many generations of grateful students. Mrs Sarita Chadha taught Hindi in her capacity as a teacher. She joined our institute on 12.4.1994 and served excellently till 12.3.2019. A career spanning 25 years of selfless service, We shall forever remain indebted to her.
Mrs. Elsamma Augustine
Mrs. Ribha Jain
Mrs. Ribha jain was a passionate, emphatic, hardworking, and determined teacher. She has dedicated 08 years of her life to Holy Angels' school. She played an affluent role in molding the life of the student's morally and ethically too. The biggest lessons don’t come from books but a teacher like you. Thank you so much for your kindness, wisdom, and positivity. We will truly miss your teaching skills! You have made a huge difference in our lives, and you will remain forever in our hearts.
Mrs. Meenakshi Naudiyal
Mrs. Beena Gupta
Dr. Beena Gupta has been one of the most cherished teachers of our school. Stepping into the school in the year 2006, she gave 16 glorious years to the history of the school. Her hard work, diligence and unrelenting endeavours to bring out the best in every student has made her work outstanding. She is down to earth and kind, but her thoughts always reach the sky. In the year 2021 the school bid adieu to the great teacher who has made it proud by providing excellent and valuable education. We wish the very best for her life.
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